12V 4Pcs Motorcycle LED Side Light Turn Signal Lights Directional Lamp Indicators

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1. Suitable for car / motorcycle halogen or LED lamps
2. Shockproof, waterproof, beautiful shape.
3. The use of international standard pins, easy installation, no need to change the original car line, plug and play, suitable for the installation and use of vehicles in various countries.
4. Solve LED turn light strobe or no light phenomenon
5. When turning light is working, it will send out the "tick" sound, the maximum 23W x 4, and the flash speed is about 80 times / minute (plus or minus 10 times).

Light color:Yellow+Blue
LED quantity:12

Installation Instruction:
The red line is connected with the positive pole of the power supply, the blue line is connected to the positive pole of the turning light, and the black line is connected with the negative pole of the power supply.

Package Included:
4 X Turning Lights