22mm 7/8" Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Switch Start Flameout ON OFF Button With USB Charger For Yamaha ATV 4 Wire Connector

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55cm Wire,you can fit it on anywhere on your motorcycle.
Universal 7/8" handlebar design, can be fit on most of motorcycles
With 4 Wire connectors, easy to install
Can be used as ON OFF switch for general lights, hazard light, fog light, head light and power outlet for mobile devices
Can be used on motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, or snowmobiles.

Wiring method: A total of 4 lines, the color of the line is red, green, black and white, black. The black line is the USB negative (ground), the red line is the USB positive, and the black and white and green lines are the switching lines. Please install under the guidance of a professional, do not access from the headlights.