Brake and Clutch Lever Protector Guard for Universal Bike

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Protect your brake and clutch levers with our CNC lever guard for motorcycles. This is a universal product and is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles. It comes with a superior finish and premium feel. The product is manufactured with Aluminum for giving a long-lasting design.

Do you know the importance of a lever guard?

Lever guards are manufactured and designed for protecting the brake and clutch levers in case of any falls or accidents and also restricts accidental activation. They also protect the hands of the rider from severe accidents. Along with protection, it provides your motorcycle with a facelift with its MotoGP inspired design. This product is universal and is also suitable for a wide range of motorcycles.

For some of the motorcycles, this product requires some alterations for providing a proper fit. (NB: It is advised to check the suitability before ordering.)

  • Width- 3.5cm
  • Height- 2cm