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Elofic EAP-9903 Car Air Purifier for Raahe

Elofic EAP-9903 Car Air Purifier for Raahe

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Ideal for car air purification requirements with filtration efficiency of 99.9 % at 0.5 micron particle size. The CADR of Raahe is 16.3 m3/hr. Raahe is equipped to provide 6 stages of effective filtration with first stage as pre-filtration, which removes large dust particles, mould and pet dander and hair. The Next 4 stages are in a multilayer media consisting of - Substrate Media, which effectively traps heavy dust particles- Activated Carbon Granules, which absorbs odour and harmful VOCs- Melt blown HEPA, which traps very minute particles of dust up to 0.1micron.- Protective Layer, which provides strength and durability to the filter element. The last stage is Ionic Purification System where an ionizer discharges negative ions, which clean the air and bring freshness to it.

Features & details

  • Highly efficient composite filter media supported by PP frame
  • Particle efficiency > 99.9% at 0.5 μm
  • Higher effective filtration area
  • Ionic Purification system.
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