Hazard Flasher 18 Modes Highway Indicator Flasher Relay for V2 for LED Indicators Universal for Motorcycle

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Flashes all 4 indicator lights and auxiliary or fog lights makes you visible from a distance Can operate in 16 different modes still mode, quick flash, slow flash etc to show that that you are parked, patrolling, in danger, breakdown etc The desired flash mode can be saved easily with a single switch so you don’t have to program the flasher again unless you want to change the saved setting Best product for fog driving, mountain driving, highway driving, heavy rainfall driving, storm driving etc to give signals,zero battery drainage - service hours up to 25000

Features & details

  • Can Operate in 15 Different Modes like: Still Mode, Quick Flash, Slow Flash etc.
  • Flashes All 4 Indicator Lights and Auxiliary or Fog Lights Makes You Visible from a Distance.
  • Service Hours up to 25000.