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Anti-Theft Alarm System Remote Key Anti-Theft Alarm

Anti-Theft Alarm System Remote Key Anti-Theft Alarm

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TechnoGears thief guard is the best two wheeler anti theft alarm system which can safeguard your bikes and scooters. It is made compatible with all bikes and scooters (geared / non - geared and all models). The advanced touch mechanism senses every touch and generates alarm thereby protecting your two wheeler. The product also comes with smart ignition and bike locator feature. It is better than normal disc lock, gear lock or handle lock or any such lock which serves just one purpose. This motorcycle theft alarm is made from premium quality material and comes with a flip key (like cars) and a long key (normal bike key). The long / raw key can be used to make duplicate key for your vehicle. Both the keys have self-start, lock-unlock and locate buttons on them to reduce your manual effort and add style to your two wheeler. The smart bike locator feature helps you to find your bike from a distance of 100 meters in parking lots, malls etc. This is undoubtedly the best motorcycle lock alarm product

Features & details

  • Vehicle Compatibility: All Bikes and Scooters (Geared/Non-Geared) of any model
  • Features motion sensors that detect when your bike is being manhandled while locked
  • 125 Decibels of Sound output that is audible at long distances
  • Keys come with a number of dedicated buttons for a number of functionalities like locating your bike, ignition on and off, locking and unlocking, etc.
  • The unit can receive signals from the keys even at distances as much as 100 metres
  • Every set is configured on a unique frequency that is shared only by the keys and the main unit so no duplicity of keys is possible
  • The product is made of premium quality plastic and is waterproof to ensure durability
  • The wiring of the system is very easy and can even be carried out at home with a slight knowledge of electrical circuits
  • Buy Genuine Autofy products from Cloudtail India and Autofy Store only, look out for Autofy seal on the top of the product to ensure its genuineness
  • Please get the device installed by a Professional Mechanic
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