Motorcycle Multi-Function Handlebar Switch 5 Key Function Switch Line Length 55cm Black

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Motorcycle Aluminum Five-color Five-position Faucet Switch On Off Button



  • Made of high quality Aluminum alloy material,durable in use.
  • Professional manufacturing, high sensitivity, high reliability.
  • Product function: can be used as a horn switch, headlight switch, auxiliary light switch, etc.
  • Applicable models: can be installed on motorcycles, electric vehicles, electric tricycles, motorcycle tricycles, etc.
  • Wiring method: switch one wire to the positive pole of the battery, and the other wire to the positive input wire of the load appliance (the same method as the five wires of the switch)

Condition: Brand New
Product Name: Aluminum alloy five-color five-position faucet switch
Product color: Black
Button color: Red / yellow / blue / green / white
Product material: Aluminum alloy
Input voltage: 12-60V
Rated current: 15A
Maximum power: 220W
Product line length: 52cm/20.5in
Faucet buckle diameter: 2.2cm/0.9in
Product mode: no reset (with lock) / self-reset (without lock)
Weight: Approx.126g/4.4oz

Package List:
1 * Switch