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Steering Wheel Cover Anti Skid Sleeve

Steering Wheel Cover Anti Skid Sleeve

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Anti-Slip Steering Wheel Protector Cover Easy One Hand Operation for Vehicle Steering Wheel Antiskid SleeveIt is more effective to prevent sweating and skidding of hands.


1. The steering wheel is one of the most frequently contacted parts of the car. Use the steering wheel handle cover. More effective in protecting the steering wheel from wear and tear.

2. Improve the Comfort and friction of the steering wheel and prevent sweat from slipping.

3. Enchance the sensitivity and safety of the reactionwhen driving.

4. Both side are designed according to the human body's feel, and rhey play a good shock absorber on the arm, therby reducingthe vibration To the arm.

How to use:

1. Select the position you want to install on the steering wheeland fasten the steering wheel handle base into steering wheel.

2. Remember to buttom up long part og the steering handle first and then the short part.

3. Please make sure that is it firmly installed and used.

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