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Decal Sticker Yamaha All New R15 V4

Decal Sticker Yamaha All New R15 V4

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Yamaha All New R15 v4 Motorcycle Sticker Decal is made of automotive standard Vinyl material, flexible material so it is easy to install on the motorcycle body with strong sticker adhesive but does not make an impression when removed.

Available choice of sticker materials including Graftac, Maxdecal, Satin and Chrome Hologram

For the production of motorcycle sticker decals, we use our own Japanese machines with original ink so that the colours produced are sharp, as for the motorcycle sticker decal finishing, they are laminated so that the colour of the motorcycle sticker is durable & not easily faded with Doff, Glossy, Super Doff, Super Glossy and Glitter lamination options.


Automotive standard Vinyl sticker material

Flexible stickers are easy to install

Strong sticker adhesive, removable does not make an impression

Japanese Printing Machine & original ink

Sticker colour is sharp & not easy to fade

Lamination stickers make colours last longer

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