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YI-146 Rally Tuning Bumper Guard

YI-146 Rally Tuning Bumper Guard

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* Model Name: YI-146


* Color: Black. White


* Material: Plastic


* Quantity: 2 pcs


* Size(mm): 452(L)x64(W)x44(H)


* Packing Size(mm): 544(L)x170(W)


* Weight(g): 370/424





* You can dress up your car with the bumper protector and additional imitation muffler.

* This products could be attachable at the center of rear bumper or both sides to double up the function of the bumpers and to protect the car.

*Sporty and dynamic style goes with the extrior decorations.



* Clean off the surface, peel out the protective covers of double sided adhesives and attach it at once.

* In case of cold weather, the adhesive power becomes weaken, warm the products to attach.

* Select the center part of rear bumper or left and right, both sides.



*  Detatchment after initial attachment weakens the adhesive power or damages the double sided adhesives. The right selections to attach are required.

* Do not use the additional adhesive hond.

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